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Our difference is on details

We focus on even the smallest details to create a stronger, more durable install for your impact windows and doors.


Our Team

Veteran Final Measure Technician is in charge of a precision fit within 1/8 ”to avoid installation delays or the need to fill voids.

Project Managers are in charge of maintaining  communication throughout installation and managing project deadlines.

Project Coordinator works together with Project Manager, municipality, homeowner, and installer to assure efficiency and proper scheduling.

Professional Installers provide detailed and meticulous window and door installation 



We use only the latest  polyurethane sealants to offer a minimum of 3 layers of waterproofing

Approved hurricane strength fasteners as well as stainless steel are used.

Instead of wood, composite shims are used to avoid rot in Florida’s humid environment

Specialized equipment is used to deliver and install oversized products to prevent damage and worker fatigue.

24/7 Service Center

All installation-related warranty claims are covered by our workmanship guarantee.

Our parts department has a vast stock of all the most popular requested service parts for our products.


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