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Know your installation options.

Installation methods can vary among luxury vinyl flooring products, so we highly recommend you to check the "Installation" section on the product page. Some products can come with a self-adhesive that you  can simply peel, place and press. Others provide one of our locking systems. This system consists of  boards that connect to each other and "float" over the subfloor. Others can also be installed with glue.

Bathroom Tiles

Create an accurate budget.

When discussing your budget, you should not forget to take into account external things like removal and disposal of your old floor, subfloor repairs, extra tools and materials, and the cost of moving furniture.


Decide whether to DIY or contact a Professional.

If you are already familiar with the DIY approach, you may feel confident about taking on the installation yourself - especially if the project aims at a  small space like a bathroom. Products with FasTak, an easy peel-and-place self-adhesive, are ideal if you are a beginner DIYers.

Whether you are experienced or not, challenges can come out in any flooring installation. If you want to make sure it is installed correctly, we highly recommend hiring a professional flooring installer.

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